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Proceedings of the Old Bailey

February 5, 2006

The proceedings of the Old Bailey 1674-1834 can be found online here. What a brilliant idea! Hat tip to Pilgrim/Heretic and the latest edition of Carnivalesque.


Concealed clothing

January 29, 2006

I was listening to an old edition of Home Truths when I heard this story about a furniture restorer who discovered a chaise longue stuffed with 19th-century clothing. She suggests that they were packed in there as a kind of memorial to their owner. Southampton University’s Deliberately Concealed Garment project investigates instances of clothes hidden in buildings. Garments were hidden as lucky charms for the protection of the house and its inhabitants. Other objects concealed in buildings include dried cats, coins and bottles. I think this is something I’d better warn my father about before he builds that extension!